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Jacqui is a published author who started writing poetry, prose and short stories at the age of nine. Writing became a therapeutic outlet and creative form of self-expression. Her poetry and short stories were published in local newspapers and her high school literary magazine throughout her teenage years. During her senior year she wrote her first eleven chapter romance novel. Her creative writing teacher loved it so much she insisted that Jacqui's novel close out the 2001 Hollywood Hills High School literary magazine, published in full. It was also in her senior year that she wrote her first stage play. Eventually this would evolve into her writing screenplays spanning various genres, which she one day looks forward to directing or producing as a filmmaker. 

Jacqui Blue is a contributing author to the Fear Free Childbirth free e-book and is also a contributing author to Film Inquiry. She is currently writing a Beautiful Births book with images provided by Jackie Korpela and she is writing her own survival memoir. 


Jacqui Blue has written an affirmation and information guidebook as well as an activity book for her unique Beautiful Hypnosis-Births program for her clients. This digital e-book is a mini prelude to the much bigger Beautiful Births book Jacqui Blue & Jackie Korpela are currently working on.

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