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Watch some films directed by women right here. The Miss Vision podcast, Starseed Pictures & Jacqui Blue  are participating in the 2017 showcase of #DirectedByWomen viewing parties! 


We are bringing you a small variety from some women filmmakers who are working with low budgets and loads of passion! We have a few short films, interviews with female filmmakers, feature horror films by Lou Simon, Web series and trailers to some all time favorites that happen to be directed by women! Scroll through our whole Film Viewing Party and let us entertain you with some female friendly entertainment! Afterwards get interactive in the comment section, tell us what you liked and didn't like. We love feedback. Share with friends! 

Love & Other Lies is a short drama, originally written, directed, produced and edited by Jacqui Blue. The film stars Jeff Vernon, Michelle Arthur and Jacqueline Bustamante.


When his wife notices he's playing with his food at dinner, she wants to know what's wrong but when Jerry confesses he's been having an affair and is in love with someone else, Laura doesn't like what she hears.

Original Music by BenSound.  Cinematography by Magali Widmer.

Start With Shorts

I'll Eat You Alive Directed & Edited by Amara Cash. Written by Elaina Perpelitt. 


We wanted to include this film in last years 2016 Viewing Party but the filmmakers didn't see our message in time, however they were thrilled we wanted to include their film and granted permission to share. 

*Highly recommended you just check it out*

Director of Photography: Beau Johnson
Starring: Morgan Rea Styers, John Henry Richardson, Breeda Wool, Doug Noble, Casey Ford Alexander,Rachel Sorsa, Meredith Thomas, Jennifer Cozza James, Jim Nieb, Wendy Wilkins, Ky Soto, Manuel Domenech, & Amy Sullivan


Mr. Finch is a silly comedy written and directed by Jacqui Blue - as her directorial debut while still in film school. 

Mr. Finch is acting strange and when Adam gets a "Z" as a grade on his paper, he decides he wants to further investigate what's going on with his instructor, while his best friend Steve tries to convince him that he's just being paranoid.

Director of Photography: Dave Armstrong

Edited by Bryan Stynelagger
Starring:  James De Diemar, Stuart Ledbetter, Chris Calvano

Girl Code is a short film written and directed by Casey Gates - and is currently making it's way through film festivals around the country. 

When girls talk, there's what they say, and what they're REALLY saying. A #LadyBrain film directed by Casey Gates. Starring Jessica Jacobs and Kate Spare. Music by Sumeau. DP Soraya Sélène #girlcodefilm

For screening updates follow Girl Code at:


Female Filmmaker Interviews:

Jennifer Dean is working on a documentary all about female filmmakers, here is a sneak peek at some of the interviews she's been doing with some creative and inspiring women.

Like these? Want more? Go here: 


Web Series by women

Or Die Trying

Female Friendly

Featuring: HORROR films by Lou Simon

Meet the lawyer who became the "Mistress of Suspense", Writer/Director Lou Simon in this feature interview she did with Film Inquiry. Learn all about her and her origin story. She's made 3 feature horror films back to back with her Production Company, White Lotus Productions.



Watch her debut movie Hazmat and see trailers for her  other films.



All Girls Weekend


TRAILERS for some all time favorites

that just so happen to be #DirectedByWomen

*Highly recommended movies: 

Did you like our #DirectedByWomen virtual viewing party? Leave a comment:

What did you like? What didn't you like? Why? You can even leave us a star rating between 1-5 to let us know if we rocked or sucked! Do you find any of the characters in our films relatable? What stories do you want to see and tell? Discuss, share and join in on the fun & celebration of cinematic art! What are some of your favorite movies #DirectedByWomen? We want to hear from you!  

                               - All the Women who Directed films in this virtual party! We thank you for viewing. 

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