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A short vampire noir set to a soundtrack by hip hop artist, T.O.N.E.-z known for his work on the FX show "Justified". This film will be made available with a purchase of the album of the same title. 

This is a romantic horror story about a scorned woman who comes back for revenge on her ex, who is now in a committed relationship with another woman, which ultimately leads to the couples destruction. 

Executive Producers: Graham Yost & T.O.N.E.-z

Written by: T.O.N.E.-z & Jacqui Blue

Directed by: Jacqui Blue

Edited by: Jacqui Blue

Starring: T.O.N.E.-z

Original Music Scored by T.O.N.E.-z

Now Available Here!

Official Trailer edited by T.O.N.E.-z 

Interview featuring Jacqui Blue & T.O.N.E.-z with Jason Dowd of AME Radio about "Sed" and working together on  this project.

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