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Jacqui Blue is considered to be a world class expert on the subject of childbirth and is also a  Certified Hypnotherapist who specializes in hypnosis for childbirth, helping women to have their own beautiful birth experiences. 

She speaks on her own personal birth experiences, telling the tale of her childbearing years and all she learned along the way which inspired her to make her internationally acclaimed documentary, Beautiful Births.  She speaks about how her last birth experience with a licensed midwife, in water by candle light was a mind-melding and physically euphoric experience when she experienced hypnosis during childbirth that she wanted to find ways to share that with other women. First came the film but years later, Jacqui enrolled herself in the only nationally accredited school for hypnotherapy and became a hypnotherapist who specializes in childbirth and helping new moms adjust to their "new normal". 


Jacqui Blue has since gone on to create a book version of the documentary with Jackie Korpela of Starry Eyes Photography, her lifelong friend and partner in filmmaking on her first documentary. The book is currently being written by the two women. She is available for interviews, to review your birth-related book or *film and speak at your event relative to the subjects of the Midwifery Model of Care vs the Medical Model of Care and the use of hypnosis in childbirth. 


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*All films reviewed by Jacqui Blue are published in Film Inquiry, a Rotten Tomato certified publication.

Jacqui Blue's expertise and speaker fees:

  • Available for interviews for publications, podcasts, documentary films, radio or television at no charge *provided there is no travel involved. 

  • Book or Film Review: $25.00

  • Public Speaking Event Without Beautiful Births screening: $2,500.00 + Travel Expenses (Flight & Hotel) 

  • Public Speaking Event With Beautiful Births screening + Additional member from the film for a Q&A after the screening: $3,500.00 + Travel Expenses (Flight & Hotel)

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