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I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival

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Feature Documentary

Status: Post-Production

With a focus  on suicide and survival  stories, we're talking about the subject in a way that is open, honest and relatable.


For some people, choosing life is the hardest choice to make on a daily basis.

  • Anthony jumped in front of a subway train. 

  • Ciera used to cut herself and abuse drugs. 

  • Amanda's teenage daughter, who was in middle school at the time, was committed to a mental health institution. 

  • Jared Padalecki lost two friends to suicide and battled his own inner dark demons. 

  • T.O.N.E-z suffered abuse, neglect and lost loved ones, creating a whirlwind of inner turmoil and chaos which he channeled through music.

  • Jennifer's mother died by suicide and through her grief and she started SOLOS: Survivors of Loved Ones to Suicide

  • Kevin Briggs, known as the "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge" talked more than 200 lost souls out of jumping to their deaths.​

We're telling all these stories and more in our suicide awareness documentary. We're tackling this subject from all angles; from the suicidal mind to those who've lost their nearest and dearest to suicide and the life changing "new normal" that follows. 


Meet the stars of The Last Train and hear from Supernatural's Jared Padalecki in

this sneak peek look at what's to come in our feature film.


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