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Hypnotherapist / Coach

I help people formulate and follow a strict mental diet so they can change their lives by changing their minds.  I also help pregnant women release fears and anxiety associated with childbirth through hypnotherapy so they can have a better birth experience. 

Jacqui has always been fascinated by the human condition and how the mind-body-spirit work together, contributing to a whole human being.

Hypnosis is as simple as guided meditation. Scientific studies show that meditation works to rewire our conscious minds.


A hypnotherapist is like a guide, helping you navigate your own subconscious mind.

Having experienced traditional therapists (psychiatrists and psychologists) in the past and knowing the difference that hypnotherapy actually made to helping her in her own personal life to overcome obstacles, including pain in childbirth, she knew she had stumbled upon the closest thing there is to real life magic and it all has to do with understanding the subconscious mind.

Past Life Regressions is a subject she has been fascinated by since her early teenage years after reading the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian L. Weiss. Jacqui went on to obsessively read any material she could get her hands on regarding the subject. She used to do past life regressions on friends in high school for fun and now does it professionally with clients. If you're interested in exploring a past life experience of your own or utilizing past life regression therapy to help with present life fears, anxieties, and patterns which may be past life related, book a session here


She developed a fascination with the subconscious mind and human behaviors – always curious about why and how we become who we are. During a dark time in her life, Jacqui put herself on a mental diet and became very aware of her thoughts. By staying on top of her thoughts and stopping negative thoughts in their tracks, she was able to transform her life. She learned how to harness the Law of Assumption, based on teachings by Neville Goddard, and make it work for her, as we are always manifesting, either consciously or unconsciously. Most of us are manifesting circumstances and situations unconsciously. Jacqui decided this was an area she wanted to study more and teach to her coaching clients, to help them change their lives by changing their minds. It really is that simple, but it takes practice to change our thought processes. 


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