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Jacqui Blue interned and then worked at the Florida Media Market for two years while completing the film program she was attending. In November 2013, she made her way from one Hollywood (FL) to the other (CA) and edited together the footage she shot for her first film, the internationally acclaimed feature documentary, Beautiful Births (2014). Shortly after she started up her production company Starseed Pictures.


Beautiful Births is an informational documentary that focuses on the midwifery model of care compared to the medical model of care, as three women share their stories, featuring photography from Starry Eyes Photography & Jackie Korpela who along with Midwife Debbie Marin, offer invaluable information about the birth process. 




Upon completing her documentary, she was selected as one of ten directors to be included as part of a master class instructed by James Franco where she directed, produced and edited a short raunchy comedy, Burden of Proof (2015). 






Love & Other Lies (2016) is a short film, written, directed, produced and edited by Jacqui Blue. It was shot over a weekend in July 2015 with a very small skeleton crew. The main crew consisted of just two women, with a few extra helping hands on set. 




Sed (Thirst) (2017) is a short vampire noir set to a soundtrack by hip hop artist, T.O.N.E.-z known for his work on the FX show "Justified". This film will be made available with a purchase of the album of the same title. 




Jacqui Blue tackles the subject of suicide in-depth in I Chose Life: Stories of Suicide & Survival; a groundbreaking awareness documentary with the help of Jared Padalecki (Supernatural), T.O.N.E-z (Justified), Kevin Briggs ("Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge") and the stars of The Last Train. Released May 10, 2020. Available now at: I Chose Life.

Beautiful Births
Burden of Proof
Love & Other Lies
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