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Burden of Proof

In the fall of 2014 Jacqui Blue directed a film that was executive produced by Jay Davis at Studio 4 (now defunct) under the instruction of James Franco. There were 10 groups of two actors, one writer and one director. Each group was given a budget by Studio 4 Films and told to go make a movie. This resulted in ten very different, very unique short films. 


The story follows a young woman who spies her soon to be step dad at a Halloween party and must prove to her mom that he's no good by getting a picture of him with his pants down.


Burden of Proof along with nine (9) other short films premiered on the silver screen at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles on the 2nd of February 2015. 

At a costume party, a young woman must prove her soon to be step-dad's infidilities by getting a photo of him with his pants down. 

Sex Scenes, Master Class 2014

Director, Jacqui Blue with Jay Davis and actors, Jacqueline Bustamante and Jeff Vernon at the Downtown Independent screening.


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